California Wine Museum

Explore California's path through wine history in one outstanding collection.


It all started with corkscrews, selling high-end wine openers to high-end buyers. But, soon art & antiques dealer Jim McCormick realized there was an overlooked, abundance of wine history and historical artifacts out there for the pickin’. Intrigued with California wine history and it’s heritage McCormick began a thirty year obsession of collecting “all things wine”. After filling five warehouses he realized that what he had put together belonged to the public, a California Wine Museum. Unable to make that happen he is now offering his collection to museums, collectors and the wine lovers….the public.


For Sale: The Collection

After 30 years of curation, Jim McCormick is selling his California Wine Museum in part or whole. Over 4,500 pieces in all, this one of a kind collection can be viewed in its entirety in the  collection catalog. To arrange an in-person showing, email us by clicking the link below.



Early Wine Cellar Tools

 Includes 19th Century Champagne Equipment


Vintage Corkscrews

Over 900 Unique Wine openers


Period Advertising

 1870's Through Post-Prohibition


Wine & Grape Scales

  Breakdown 19th Century Revenue Scale


Vintage Wine Bottles

Hundreds of Early, Rare, California & Historical Bottles


Wine Displays

   Wine Country Wood Marquetry Mural 76" X 56"


Wine Industry Ephemera

Photos, Books, Documents, History


Viticulture & Enology

The Equipment and Science of Wine Making


Harvest Baskets

 70 Regional Varieties & Styles


Vintage Grape Presses

61 Unique Presses in the Collection


Vintage Grape Crushers

1870's To 1950's - Forty One Unique Styles


Historical Viticulture

The Evolution of California Wine


Wine Bottle Dryers

Many Unique Styles and Varieties


Wine & Vineyard Graphics

 Includes Paintings, Vintage Prints and More


Vineyard Tools

Making It Happen in Vineyards of the 19th Century


Vintage Wine Equipment

Vast Array of Early & Unique Implements


Wine Culture Service

Wine table service. Lovely table items


About Jim McCormick

St. Lawrence University graduate; New York emigrant to California in the mid 60’s I pursued and achieved a successful career in advertising and marketing in San Francisco while raising three wonderful children. “Dropping Out” in the 1970’s I renewed a continued love affair with antiques and history begun as a child in local thrift shops and libraries. First with a furniture refinishing and stripping business along with the first antique collective North of S.F. Then, as a sole proprietor, hauling tractor trailer’s full of Golden Oak”, Victoriana and oddities every eight weeks from the East coast to the West. Selling on a wholesale basis, setting aside the best for retail. Fabulous years! Afterwards, as a bi-coastal dealer, I began doing many shows and exhibitions. Along the way, with my infatuation with California wine I began buying, selling and collecting corkscrews, which soon evolved into any artifact relating to the evolution of wine history in California.

I was smitten! My personal Wine Museum collection has been on line as a virtual museum” since 2008. Aspirations were, for this entity, to eventually find a permanent home, a California Wine Museum; a dream the California wine industry has yet to fulfill, being the only major state industry to not have a museum to honor their history and heritage… a 34.1 BILLION dollar industry! My career includes award winning historical exhibits, ongoing contribution to museums, written words on wine history all relating to the story of the historical struggle of wine from the Old World to California which through my collection illustrates the influence of the pioneers, the immigrants, seeing a future that now brings fine wine to your table. This collection is NOW AVAILABLE, to institutions, collectors, history buffs, and the wine lover. BUY A PIECE OF CALIFORNIA WINE HISTORY. And, remember… “IN VINO VERITAS”!


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